A little something about me...

I got into computer graphics almost by accident having sworn my job would never have anything to do with computers so it figures that's exactly what happened.

In 2007 I graduated from the EVTEK University if Applied Scienses with a BA in Media, majoring in Virtual Design. Before graduating I interned at Fakegraphics in Helsinki as a digital artist in their print department creating still images for advertisement agencies and ended up staying for two and a half years. All my commercial work is copyright to Fake and retouching is made by them. In my commercial work section I have tried to pick the projects I've contributed to most, but as always in a production house teamwork is required so if you have any questions about my role in creating of any of the images feel free to mail me and I'll be happy to give a breakdown.

My key skills are modeling, lighting, texturing and especially rendering for high resolution prints. I have a very strong understanding of rendering in passes to get the desired result for the compositing and retouching process and doing a pre-comp is no problem either.

Spare time is mainly occupied with my husband and a rather large and stubborn, fur-shedding dog and trying to become the next Nigella Lawson.

I'm ready for new challenges, though not up for freelancing.